Choose a General Contractor or Handyman?

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Choosing a General Contractor or a Handyman depends on the type of project. The project can be as little as replacing ceiling lights to remodeling a house.

Most people would try to attempt a DIY on smaller projects but some are not mechanically inclined nor do they possess the proper tools. For those people, it would be easier for them to call a Handyman for simple jobs around the house or office.

This article will explain a few tips each home or business owner can follow for deciding on how to best choose a handyman or a general contractor.

A general rule is a Handyman can work on projects under a fixed set cap amount in the state the work is being done. For instance in the state of Utah, the cap amount is $1500. So if a project exceeds $1500, then by law, the home owner needs to hire a general contractor. Also, if it is a large project, then it would be necessary to hire a general contractor since they have a liability insurance up to $1M dollars.

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